The patented CARBER Isolation tool safely isolates a line for hot-work, creating a positive pressure vapor barrier against residual contents in the pipe. Installing a plumber’s plug or similar device and hoping for the best is never best practice.

CARBER has offered its unique, patented Isolation Tool Service for years, but we are also making our tool available for direct purchase and rental. Training can be provided to ensure proper and safe usage.

Size Range: 0.5 in. up to 72 in.(12.7mm to 1828.8mm)

Larger sizes can be custom built. Contact us for quoting/lead time for custom sizes.

Pipe Material: All

CARBER Isolation Benefits:

  • Ability to monitor the seal and ensure safety of hot-work.
  • Triple vapor barrier design; one is positively pressured.
  • Vent upstream activity safely away from hot-work.
  • Vent gauge to monitor upstream activity.

Creating and making CARBER Tools
All CARBER tools are manufactured in our state of the art ISO9001:2008 certified manufacturing facility. Each one of our tools pass a rigorous quality program which includes standard NDT on critical components. Engineering and manufacturing our tools to the highest standards from high-grade materials means our tools are ready for their job regardless of the application or environment.