The CARBER Weld Test Tool utilizes patented technology for a safer, quicker, and cheaper way to hydrotest new welds. Our proprietary weld testing technology allows a single weld to be isolated and hydrotested without the need to fill the entire line or system. Single welds are isolated during the hydrotest, significantly reducing the amount of test medium used. Most applications only require ounces of medium to complete a hydrotest. Even a 102” weld can be tested with less than one-half gallon of water.

Weld Testing has been a CARBER speciality for years, but we are now also making our tool available for direct purchase and rental. Training can be provided to ensure proper and safe usage.

The CARBER Weld Test Tool is fully capable of meeting ASME B31.1/B31.3 standards as well as ASME BPV V & VIII, API 510 & 570. Our weld test technology can hydrotest welds beyond 7000 psi.

Current Size Range: 0.5 in. up to 120 in. (12.7 mm to 3048mm) Larger sizes can be custom built.

Test Pressure: Beyond 7000 psi (482.63 bar) – depending on size/application.

Pipe Material: All

Out of Round Pipe: Yes

Testing Medium: Any nonflammable liquid

Advantages of the CARBER Weld Test Tool

  • Perfect for testing tie-in welds on existing piping systems; eliminates installation of hydro blinds.
  • Can test gasket faces; including newly machined surfaces.
  • No post-hydro dry out phase required; nitrogen can be circulated through the tool to dry moisture.
  • Ability to use test medium that is best for the system (e.g., glycol, mineral oil, peanut oil, etc.).
  • Can be used simultaneously with CARBER Isolation for lines 8 in. (203.2 mm) and larger.
  • Virtually no contained energy in the tool during testing due to small amounts of medium.
  • Lightweight system eliminates the need for heavy lifting equipment (i.e., 42 in. XS tool is 242 lbs. with heaviest component only weighing 83 lbs.).
  • Due to small amount of medium, there is minimal risk to environment during reclamation process of test medium.

Interested in learning more about the how our Weld Test Tool can assist you? Contact us today for more information!