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Heat Treating
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Proper heat treating requires the utmost precision.

CARBER Heat Treating uses state of the art equipment & industry leading processes to control the temperature of metals to alter its properties without changing the product shape. Our Heat Treating team can improve your metal’s strength, ductility, formability, and improve ease of use in your machining processes, as well as increasing asset life.

Metal can often have uneven internal stresses that can go unseen by the human eye, and welding can often leave undesirable effects on metal. Issues like this can lead to shorter asset life and increases chance of asset failure. You avoid these pitfalls by utilizing our services.

CARBER offers the following Heat Treating options:

• Preheating – Application of heat to metals prior and during welding.
• Post-Weld – Heat an entire weld to reduce the stress within the weld.
• Annealing –Heating steel to high temperatures and slow cooling, resulting in softening of the steel.
• Solution Annealing – Similar to Annealing, but only used for specific stainless metals. Uses even higher temperatures, and with rapid cooling.
• Normalising – Also similar to Annealing, but with a rapid cooling process to improve machinability.
• Post-Heat Hydrogen Bake Out – Performed after a weld, this “Bakes Out” the hydrogen, which could otherwise cause steel to become brittle and fracture.
• Line Thaws – The process of heating equipment to operating temperatures to free up any process media which has solidified, allowing it to move freely.
• Refractory Dry Outs – Dries out moisture from the refractory linings within vessels and structures.
• Paint Cures – Allows for quick, thorough curing of paint
• Process Start Up
With the right equipment and technicians at hand, CARBER can provide consistent, precise control over heating & cooling at all times to ensure proper treatment. And our self-contained mobile units ensures we can be wherever you need us to be.

Interested in hearing what our Heat Treating team can do for you? Contact CARBER today to see what our Heat Treating team can help your next project.