Hydrotest open-end/plain-end pipes, spools or modules in as little as 1/3 the time and 1/3 the cost compared to welding caps and cutting them off.

CARBER offers an innovative solution that will decrease time and cost associated with any module or spool hydrotesting. Our Plain-End Test Tool (PET) and Gripper-End Test Tool (GET) utilizes patented technology that fits on the outside of the pipe and seals the open end, allowing the pipe to be pressurized and tested. Our technologies can even accommodate open-ended systems that end in fittings such as tees, socket-weld fittings, elbows and reducers. Our service allows fabrication companies and their welders to focus on their most productive work and profitable core competency: fabrication. By not welding during the hydrotesting phase of the project, extensive quality control management is also omitted from the job. The CARBER Plain-End Test Tool significantly reduces the number of issues commonly found during post-installation hydrotesting, and in some cases completely eliminates post-installation hydrotesting from the scope of a project.

Plain-End Testing has been a CARBER speciality for years, but we are now also making our tools available for direct purchase and rental. Training can be provided to ensure proper and safe usage.

PET Tool in 12″ Configuation

Advantages of the CARBER Plain-End Test tools over welding caps:

  • Time advantage means increased throughput for your facility.
  • Installation and removal require as little as 1/3 of the time required to weld caps and cut and re-bevel after the hydrotest is complete.
  • Cost savings through elimination of welding supplies (labor, rods, oxygen acetylene, etc.).
  • Exotic and alloy piping does not require pre-heating.
  • Metallurgy of the pipe is not changed due to elimination of welding.
  • Because there is no cutting, dimensional accuracy is maintained, eliminating potential issues during installation.
  • Eliminates the need to purchase and store a large assortment of welding caps.

Advantages of the CARBER Plain-End Test tools over internal gripping plugs:

  • Tests the entire length of pipe; internal gripping plugs will occupy space near the opening that is not hydrotested.
  • Does not have teeth that will mark or score the inner pipe wall and accelerate localized corrosion.
  • Can be used to test tees, 45º & 90º fittings, reducers, socket-weld fittings, etc.
  • Can test out of round pipe, which may be difficult for round internal plugs.
  • O.D. mount tooling eliminates potential jamming in the pipe.
  • Engineered safety feature prevents tool from being ejected, unlike internal gripping plugs.
  • Out Gripper-End Tool (GET) is capable of achieving even higher pressures, up to 5000 psi.