Safety at CARBER

Safety is deeply embedded in the culture at CARBER. From the CEO to the employee we hired today, everyone within CARBER puts safety above all else. Our business was built on safety and efficiency as evidenced in our technology and in every CARBER employee.

We not only provide services to make your operation safer, we also provide our services through experienced professionals that have completed a variety of safety related training courses. Each technician completes intense in-house training, additional training from the local Safety Council and a variety of supplemental training courses.

On-Site Safety

CARBER believes that communication is key to performing work safely. In an effort to support that culture, we have developed a program that we feel engages our technicians in the act of communicating. This program has been developed to ensure that proper communication is practiced on “on-site” situations such as utilizing motorized equipment or for other situations that fall outside the usual scope or our normal tasks and routines, utilizing more than one technician. It is intended to increase redundancy and eliminate complacency.

MVP – Mental Communication, Verbal Communication, Physical Communication

Mental Communication – Initiated by the Supervisor in charge, consideration must be given to a final analysis of the task at hand, prior to commencing any work.

Verbal Communication – The Supervisor in charge will initiate communication with all technicians involved, with a shout of “CLEAR” which requires the technicians to raise both hands to demonstrate that he/she is aware of and clear of any potential hazards.

Physical Communication – The Supervisor in charge physically ensures that all items such as lanyards, tools, loose clothing etc. are clear of the work, while the technicians continue to stay clear.

All CARBER technicians will take part in the MVP training program and upon successful completion will receive a “MVP” sticker for their hardhat which will verify training.

We are the company with a “Safety First” attitude! All CARBER employees are expected to stop work if any unsafe conditions exist.